Anjelica Huston

John Wick Director Reveals New Details About Ballerina Spinoff

After a set of three movies that ended up making Lionsgate a killing at the box office, the world of…

Hugh Jackman Reveals Dafne Keen Wasn’t Afraid To ‘Bruise’ Him To Land Logan Job

Note to future actors, this method of getting a job is not guaranteed to work every time.

The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Reveals What He Was Doing When He found Out About The Role

Robert Pattinson getting cast as The Batman was a big surprise for DC Comics and Batman movie fans. It was…

Tenet Star Reveals if Christopher Nolan’s New Movie Is Secretly an Inception Sequel

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Ben Affleck

Kevin Smith Reveals New Details About the Sequel

Despite the pandemic, filmmaker Kevin Smith is remaining productive. The indie darling has spent his time working on many upcoming…

Suicide Squad Director Reveals The ‘Only Battle’ He Won With The Studio

Well, that’s fascinating. Aside from Harley Quinn and Deadshot, Jay Hernandez’s El Diablo was the heart of Suicide Squad. The…

For All Mankind Season 2: Ronald D. Moore Reveals What it’s About

One of my favorite shows on any streaming service is the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind. Created by Ronald…

Amazon Reveals Why HBO Max Isn’t Available on Fire Devices

HBO Max launched on Wednesday and things seemed to go off without a hitch, at least compared to other services…
Hugh Jackman

James Mangold Reveals Original Wolverine Test Footage for Film’s Opening Scene

Though Marvel fans know Wolverine as an unstoppable badass (he’s the best he is at what he does after all),…
James 'Logan' Howlett

Logan Director Reveals Hugh Jackman Never Put on the Wolverine Mask

Over three years after its initial release, Logan still remains one of the most iconic comic book-inspired movies to ever…