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Power Rangers Fans Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Franchise’s First Movie

Exactly twenty five years ago today a precise moment in popular culture could be pinpointed as being a tidal wave of influence for a generation of kids as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was released in theaters. A continuation of the classic TV series, but without the use of archival footage from the Japanese series Super Sentai, the film showed the potential of the superhero show with a major budget behind it. All of that positioned the film as a landmark for 90s kids who showed out in force to celebrate the film’s anniversary on Twitter today. Check out some of the best Tweets about the anniversary below!


The Power Rangers will return to the big screen in due time as well with I Am Not Okay With This and The End of the F****** World creator Jonathan Entwistle tapped to develop the latest reboot of the property. Speaking with ComicBook.com previously, Entwistle spoke hypothetically about what his version of the characters would be like, which is to say in keeping with his darker aesthetic.

“It would be definitely along the lines of what I’m known for,” Entwistle said. “Darker is not necessarily the angle. I feel like that’s been done in the Power Rangers universe before.”

Check back here for more news on the Power Rangers reboot along with celebrations of the classic property.

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