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Guardians of the Galaxy Fans Remember Their Favorite Moments on Movie’s 6th Anniversary

Six years ago today, Guardians of the Galaxy hit theatres and instantly launched a brand new franchise for Marvel Studios. The characters virtually unknown to the masses at the time have since become household names as the House of Ideas continues to push forward with the lovable misfits. Saturday afternoon, filmmaker James Gunn celebrated the anniversary of the film’s release on his Twitter page, which quickly led to many fans of the feature to share their own favorite moments from the movie.

Between Gunn’s two films, the Guardians franchise has grossed over $1.5 billion for Disney and Marvel Studios, safely providing a future for the team should Gunn or any other filmmakers want to continue the stories of the characters.

Keep scrolling to see what Guardians fans are saying.

All Time Favorites


You Said It Yourself




Fell in Love


Guardians of the Galaxy is now streaming on Disney+.

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