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George Miller Aiming to Shoot Furiosa in 2021; Anya Taylor-Joy Could Star

If you’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road, you want to see more, right? And director George Miller has been teasing what a new film in this world might look like for some time now. Well, per Variety, it looks like Miller might be closer to unleashing a new vision than we thought.

It certainly sounds like a spin-off centered on Furiosa is forthcoming from Miller. If you don’t remember, Furiosa was originally played by Charlize Theron in Fury Road — and in my opinion, stole the show with her grit, power, vulnerability, and intriguing-sounding backstory. This film, likely, would be a prequel, showing us exactly the backstory that leads us to the Furiosa we all know. And that creative take corresponds to an actor he recently screen-tested — well, “Skype-tested,” given the ongoing pandemic. Anya Taylor-Joy, of Emma. and New Mutants fame, is being considered in the lead role.


Image via Warner Bros.

I love this choice — Taylor-Joy is a wonderful actor, who’s commanded the screen in leading genre roles like Thoroughbreds and Split. The more we see her perform, the more layers she reveals about herself as a performer, and Furiosa could be the acclaimed action-blockbuster that cuts through and serves as her biggest breakout role yet. And when would Miller and Taylor-Joy potentially start filming? Miller is readying for a 2021 filming date — the perfect way to celebrate a world that’s out of a post-apocalyptic-feeling pandemic. Er, wait a minute…

We’ll keep you updated on Furiosa, Taylor-Joy’s involvement, and the filming date as soon as we hear more. For more on Mad Max, take a look at Junkie XL crafting the score for Fury Road.


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